Windows are crucial and essential components of any home. They come in a wide variety of designs, materials, sizes, and configurations to meet the architectural and style wants and needs of a home. Some of the most common window styles include single and double hung windows. If you are shopping for the best windows for your home, but you are stuck between choosing single or double hung windows, below we have highlighted five differences between the two that may help you make the right choice for your home.

1. Configuration and Operation

Single hung windows are single-sashed windows with an operable lower sash, which moves vertically while the upper sash is entirely fixed or stationary. Double hung windows, on the other hand, have two operable sashes, allowing you to open either the upper sash or lower sash according to your ventilation needs.

2. Ventilation 

Another difference between single and double hung windows is the amount of ventilation both of them can provide. Both single and double hung windows provide ample air access for your home. However, double hung windows provide much more ventilation and air circulation than single hung windows. When you are looking for maximum ventilation and air circulation, double hung windows provide a perfect option. as you are able to open both the top and bottom sash allowing for air to enter from two different positions.

3. Cleaning 

Because of the ability for both sashes to move, double hung windows are much easier to clean and maintain than single hung windows. The reason for this is that the moving sash of a single hung window does not tilt, making cleaning the exterior almost impossible from inside of your home. On the other hand, both upper and lower sashes of the double hung windows can be tilted inward easily, making them easy to clean from the inside of the home.

4. Energy Efficiency

Double hung windows have more moving parts than single hung windows. Due to fewer moving parts in single hung windows, the chances of air infiltration or heat loss are minimal. As a result, single hung windows are more energy-efficient than double hung windows. If you want to enhance the windows’ energy efficiency, double hung windows can be upgraded with additional energy saving features.

5. Cost

Double hung windows are more expensive than single hung windows because of the added features and enhanced functionality, irrespective of having the same size as single hung windows.

Hopefully, the above five differences between single and double hung windows have helped to give you a better understanding of the two. When selecting replacement windows for your home, keep in mind their functionality, features, style and cost.

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