No matter the quality of your vinyl siding, it is bound to experience some wear and tear over time. Sometimes, you may notice that your siding has gradually degraded and is in desperate need of a replacement. Other times, the signs that you need to replace your siding may not be so obvious. If that is the case, keep reading to learn the signs that you should replace your vinyl siding.

It is cracked or loose

Everyday wear and tear is one of the biggest causes of your vinyl siding needing a replacement. Conditions such as rain, hail, snow, wind or other debris hitting your vinyl siding, can cause it to crack or become loose. Additionally, extreme temperature changes can also cause your siding to crack or dent. If these cracks are left unfixed, they can cause damage to your home leading to very expensive repair costs. Therefore, if you notice any of these issues, you should consider replacing your vinyl siding immediately.

It is melting

The heat from the sun can promote the melting of your vinyl siding especially if you live in a hotter climate. In addition, grilling too close to your home is another major culprit that you should be careful of. Always be sure to place your barbeque at least two meters away from the side of your home to ensure it does not cause any damage. However, if your vinyl siding is already melted, it’s important to realize that the damage is irreversible. As a result, you should replace your siding immediately. 

It is rotting

Sometimes wood planks are put under your vinyl siding during installation. Unfortunately, when water and moisture reaches the wood underneath the vinyl it can cause the wood to rot. If the wood is left rotting for long periods of time, the vinyl siding may begin falling apart. Therefore, if you notice the wood underneath is rotting, it may be time to replace your vinyl siding. 

It has several holes

Holes in your siding often indicate that pests and rodents are responsible for causing damage. Termites, carpenter ants, beetles, and bees can create holes in your vinyl siding. Similarly, rats, squirrels, birds, and mice are capable of causing the same problem. If there are holes in your siding, water can seep through them and cause water damage to your home. Therefore, you should consider replacing any vinyl siding that contains holes.

It was poorly installed

It’s always best to use an experienced contractor when installing vinyl siding to prevent a poor installation job. If your vinyl siding was nailed too tightly or cannot move horizontally, you should note that the installer didn’t install it properly. Poor installation will make the siding buckle and warp after exposure to fluctuating temperatures. As a result, the siding may not last for extended periods of time. To prevent a poor installation job from causing additional problems it is best to just replace your siding.


If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it is time to replace your vinyl siding. Consult an experienced contractor today for expert advice!

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