Planning out a home renovation project can be stressful for many homeowners, from selecting the right design, colour, style and features, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Planning on replacing your windows is no exception. There are a lot of factors to consider with a window replacement project, so to help make the process easier for you we enlisted the assistance of experts to highlight what homeowners need to know before replacing the windows.

Here is the list of the top five need to know items the experts shared.

1. Understand the different materials used for windows

Before proceeding with your window replacement project, having an understanding about the diverse materials used for manufacturing windows will assist you in choosing the right replacement windows for your home. A few of the more common materials used for manufacturing window frames include fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. Out of the three, vinyl is the most popular due to the balance of quality, aesthetics and price, fiberglass offers additional durability, and wood provides your home with character.

2. Know the different types of windows available

Windows come in a wide selection of different styles. By changing the type of window in your home, you not only update the functionality of the window but it also allows you to upgrade the look of your home as well with your window replacement. Some of the more popular window types include double-hung windows, sliding windows, picture windows, awning windows and casement windows. You can choose from these types to create a new look for your home. You don’t need to stick to one type of window for your entire home, you can change the type or style of your windows in different areas of your home depending on your needs and design wants.

3. The glass makes a big difference

There are several glass packages you can select for your window replacement. This is a crucial part of your decision because the glass is what affects the windows energy efficiency the most. Selecting glass that has a Low-E or low emissivity coating will help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Low-E glass prevents heat from entering your home in the warmer months and allows heat in during the colder months. Consequently, you end up saving on your heating and cooling costs.

4. Choosing between double-pane and triple-pane windows

If your existing windows are single-pane windows, your window replacement project will be a big upgrade regardless if you choose double-pane or triple-pane windows. Double-pane windows have two sheets of glass and triple-pane windows have three sheets of glass offering additional insulting power. The space between the panes can be filled with krypton or Argon gas to prevent energy loss or heat/cold from filtering into your home.

5. Hire experienced window installers

No matter how well your windows were made and what energy saving features you decided to go with, the installation has the largest impact on how well your windows will perform. Partnering with a professional experienced windows and doors contractor will ensure your windows are not only installed correctly but are backed by both the manufacturer’s and an installation warranty.

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