Window and Door Replacement is a broad term and can include many different processes. The specific details of any project will determine the scope and type of work involved in restoring the building envelope.

It is a big job that requires plenty of attention to detail and logistical planning from beginning to end. Your project will inevitably involve some unexpected events. At times, this can be a stressful experience – especially when it comes to meeting deadlines, managing budgets and juggling multiple vendors. We are a trusted professional who specialize in these services, so you won’t have to stress as much about the details of your project.

First comes the inspection

A windows and doors project begins with an inspection of the building. Inspection is used to take careful measurements, identify issues and discuss options. The Project Manager will also take photographs of the property so the client can see areas of concern. Depending on the scope of work required, it’s important for the contractor and the client to fully understand the issues so they can be addressed properly and effectively.

Client provided with a detailed quote

Once the scope of work is determined, the Project Manager will create a detailed quote. This quote is a document that comprises all the materials and costs required to complete the project. The Project Manager will provide the client with a copy of the quote. This will give the client a good idea of the cost of the project and when it is expected to be completed.

If required, financing is available

Any homeowner can benefit from professional services, but they can also be quite expensive. Window and Door Replacement services don’t always come at a convenient or expected time. Sometimes, unfortunate events or natural disasters can cause damage and require these services. Fortunately, service companies like BW Windows and Doors are equipped to provide financing, making the process of restoring your home easier. If you need financing, you should discuss this with your contractor when they provide an estimate of the cost. Together, you can determine the best way to handle financing the project.

Problems are solved and failures are fixed

Once the project has been completed, the Project Manager will make a final inspection. They will review the work to verify that it has been completed properly. If there are problems, they must be solved. If there are failures, they must be corrected so they won’t re-occur. This is often a time-consuming process, especially when complex issues must be addressed. When problems or failures are found, it is important to take the necessary steps to solve them or it can be even more costly to correct in the future. At the same time, it is important to finish the work as quickly as possible to minimize the cost of the project. When all of the issues have been addressed, the project is considered completed.

Work is completed on time and on budget

All projects have a timeline and budget associated with them. Project timelines are sometimes affected by weather conditions, availability of materials, or other unforeseen events. The Project Manager should anticipate some delays, but they shouldn’t be excessive. When the project has been completed, the Project Manager will submit a final invoice, detailing any changes that were made to the work plan and what caused them. It should also include details about the cost of the project and an itemized list of any additional expenses. If the project was completed on time and within the budget, there should be no additional charges. If there were changes to the work plan, the Project Manager will explain why they occurred.

Warranty is provided

Our warranty is your assurance that we will correct any problems caused by our work for a period of 5 years after the project has been completed. Keep in mind this warranty only applies:

  1. To the property only as long as it remains in the possession of the original owner named above
  2. To the construction work that has not been subject to accident, misuse or abuse
  3. To the construction work that has not been modified, altered, defaced, or had repairs made or attempted by others
  4. That contractor be immediately notified in writing within ten (10) days of first knowledge of defect by owner or his agent
  5. That contractor shall be given first opportunity to make any repairs, replacements or corrections to the defective construction at no cost to owner within a reasonable period of time
  6. Under no circumstances shall contractor be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature however arising out of the use or inability to use because of the construction defect


A windows and door replacement process is a critical one, and it requires meticulous attention to detail. At BW Windows and Doors, we are well-trained to deal with every aspect of a project such as this. Give us a call at 403-235-5400.

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