Partnering with the right windows and doors contractor for your replacement project is very crucial to not only having the finished look that matches what you imagined, but to having a quality installation that provides you all the benefits associated with new windows and doors. So, how do you filter through all of the available contractors to find the best one for your project?

Here are five things that you should look into before choosing a windows and doors contractor.

1. Business Experience

Contractors that have years of experience in the windows and doors industry will have a proven track record that should provide you with peace of mind. Their experience will also help them advise you on the best style and design of windows and doors for your home. Experienced contractors will have a solid approach and method, which will help the installation process move along at a good pace. Finally, experienced contractors have probably come across many of the unexpected scenarios that may pop up during your replacement, providing them with the experience and the know how to deal with any surprises.

2. Client Testimonials

Any reputable windows and doors contractor should have a record of clients that can testify to their efficiency and credibility. In addition to speaking to past customers they provide, look up their online reviews. This will give you good insight into how well they treat their clients and the quality of work they provide. When looking at online reviews, try different home improvement sites as well as Google, and look at both the good and the not so good reviews to get the full picture.

3. Installation Process

By asking about details involved in the process, you are able to identify the contractors that have intimate knowledge about your potential project and the ones that are just flying by the seat of their pants. The contractor should be able to walk you through the complete process, from the initial estimate to removing your old windows and doors and installing the replacement, as well as provide you details on pricing, timing/schedule and any additional equipment or materials that will be required.

4. Review all Documentation

This includes the contractor’s license and insurance documents as well as the written quote, the written agreement and written warranties. Having the proper, professional documentation will add credibility to the contractor, and provide you with peace of mind as everything will be documented.

5. Warranties

Understanding what warranties are being provided on the project is very important. Are you covered for both parts and labour? Most windows and door manufacturers offer a 15-25 year warranty on the window or door itself. There are some stipulations however, such as correct installation. This means if a window or door is faulty due to an error with the installation, it may not be covered. Also, the warranty will only cover the window or door itself, and not the installation of the replacement. This is why it is important to understand the warranties being offered. Is there a workmanship warranty to go along with the manufacturer’s warranty? A workmanship warranty will cover any issues with the installation, and the installation of any warranty replaced windows or doors. As mentioned above, you should ask for written copies of the warranties, to have as backups in case you need to make a claim.

Selecting the right windows and doors contractor is just as essential as choosing the right replacement windows and doors for your home. Make sure that you verify all provided information before settling on your choice of a windows and doors contractor for your replacement project.

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