Unfortunately, replacing windows is one of the most overlooked home repairs despite being crucial to the overall appearance and functionality of a home. The first step to getting the correct window replacement for your home is to know when your windows are damaged. If you don’t have any clue when it comes to identifying window damage, these signs will help you determine when it’s time to change your windows.

1. Duration from first installation. 

Over time, windows can show signs of wear and tear depending on how long it’s been since they were installed. For example, windows that were installed twenty years ago have passed the point of peak efficiency and appearance. If your windows are too old, they may not open properly or may not be up to the energy efficiency standards of newer windows. If you find that your windows are no longer functioning properly or show obvious signs of weathering, you should start considering window replacement options.

2. Changes in the weather condition.

Windows bear the responsibility of regulating the temperature inside your home by dealing with the intensity of the temperature outside your home. As a result, changes in weather conditions and extreme seasonal temperatures can damage your windows.  For instance, places that experience harsh winters of heavy snowfall and cold temperatures put additional strain on their windows. On an annual basis, check the condition of your windows and decide whether or not it’s time for a replacement.

3. Weak and loosening bolts.

There is a lot of friction that the bolts and hinges of your windows have to deal with after years of constantly opening and closing. Look out for windows that are hanging loosely or opening too easily as this could signify a loose bolt. If the bolt falls out of place it may cause further damage to your window by scratching the frame or even shattering the glass. If you have continuously replaced the bolts on a set of windows, then it’s time to get window replacement.

4. Thinning caulking. 

When installing windows, sealants and caulking are added around the borders of the window frame. However, after years of wear and tear, the sealant and caulking may start to thin out. While you can re-caulk your windows, eventually the seal around your window will not be as tight as it was when it was first installed, telling you it’s time for a replacement.

5. Deteriorating material.

Any of the signs we have mentioned above can affect the quality and function of your window material that can be easily noticed when the efficiency level drops. Whether the glass is no longer keeping out cold drafts or the window frame has obvious dents and scratches, these are signs that your windows are deteriorating and need to be replaced.


If you notice any of the signs mentioned above perhaps it’s finally time for a window replacement. Contact us today for help installing brand new windows!

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